SINCE 1994 

DECADENT FEW-They Shoot Children 7”               sold out
NERVES/SUBSTANDARD-Split EP                       sold out
KURU-Breed EP                                     sold out
URKO/CHINEAPPLE PUNX-Split EP                     sold out
COITUS-Real Cold Fear EP                          sold out 
KURU/RECTIFY-Split EP                             sold out 
IN THE SHIT-The Fall Of The Damned EP             sold out
URKO-Thrash It Up EP                              **
COITUS-Discography CD                             **
SUBSTANDARD-Consuming Need EP                     **
CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR-Liberation 7” EP         */**
CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR-War With No End 7” EP    */**
PARANOID VISIONS-The Outsider Artist 7” EP        */**
PERMACULTURE-Swallow What You’re Given 7” EP      *

London:  I.M, PO BOX 2544, LONDON NW6 3DF        (*copies here)        (** few copies available here)

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