MARK BRUBACK-The Conspiracy/Eye Con/Sephiroth-1.00 each
 (Socio-anarcho Rollins/Biafra perhaps,2 short books of angry &
  pertinent thoughts/clipart/rants on the USA/Punk/Religion)
R.COLE HEINOWITZ-Daily Chimera-5.00
 (Young authoress of great power,bold & striking.124 pgs)
IRIS BERRY-2 Blocks East Of Vine-4.00
 (LA Punk Goddess,short stories from the seedy to the sublime,
  always evocative and too-the-point.Illustrated.108 pg PB)
MR.C-Peep Show-0.50 (UK:Tales of daily life from Leeds writer.Short chapbook)
JANE GRAHAM-Floozy-3.00
 (UK:Cute A5 bk from Shag Stamp editor,great stories of stripping/travelling/sex) 
JON LONGHI-Bricks And Anchors-5.00
 (Last copy,Manic D Press'91,SF Punk author,26 short stories)
JOHN L.SHEPPARD-Small Town Punk-10.00
 (100pg PB,superb story of a 17 year-old punk growing up in 1982 Florida:
  Hardcore/Skating/Bad jobs/School etc,unlike a lot of punk fiction this is great!)
A.HIMELSTEIN/J.SCHWESER-Tales Of A Punk Rock Nothing-5.00
 (PB.Southern kid moves to DC,meets da punx etc.Told in letter/zine/journal
  form rather than a traditional linear-novel form,again,this is good!)
 (Synthetic 1991,minimalist SF Punk poetry w/nice plastic vinyl cover)
JERME SPEW-Boxed Creations-3.00
 (Synthetic 1990,88 page pocket-book,brutal novella)
AARON COMETBUS-Double Deuce-4.00
 (Orig.Cometbus 42 + some WDH stories,great tale of various punk squats.PB)
AARON COMETBUS-Mixed Reviews-2.00
 (70 page pocketbook w/glossy cover,8 new stories)
AARON COMETBUS-I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit-5.00
 (112 page paperback.His first novel,more infectious punk-prose)
BRIAN WALSBY-Manchild-6.00
 (20 yrs of cutting,hilarious Punk cartoons,120pg PB,excellent)
BILLY CHILDISH-The Idiocy Of Idears-8.00
 (The tale of dyslexic schoolboy Gustav Claudius at a Kent secondary
 modern school in the early 1970's.'A book of pathos,sarcasm and
 great charm',written in the inimitable B.Childish style.PB,295 pgs)
BRUCE CAEN-Sub-Hollywood-10.00
(HB,1st edition,325 pgs,signed.Ex-editor of 70's LA punk  mag NO MAG,
excellent 1st novel depicting an L.A. teen surviving school/familial
 dysfunction/drugs/violence and stage dives amid the early Los Angeles Punk
 scene 1979-83.Gary Panter cover art plus a Pettibone page too,a hallucinatory
 narrative likened to Hunter S.Thompson/Hamsun/Miller and probablythe 1st
 novel to accurately capture the punk experience in effective dramatic form)
WILSON NEATE-Pink Flag(Wire) Book-5.00 
 Great little book from Continuum Press of New York that dissects the classic
 1977 LP from Wire. As the blurb goes:passionate, obsessive and smart


Tales To Tell At Church-4.00
 (From'91,witty/incisive/barbed missives from Jerme 
 Spew/Rod Sperry/Bucky Sinister etc.Punk/Pigs/SF Streetlife.120pg)
Unnatural Disasters-6.00
 (Last copy;Short stories S.California-style.Nicole Panter/Jon
  Longhi/Vaginal Davis & more from beneath the Palm trees)
Lend The Eye A Terrible Aspect-5.00
 (Provocative fiction/essays/art from Jello Biafra/Don Bajema + 20)
Psyche Subversion-4.00
 (16 SF Underground Punk writers,1993 anthology w/Wendy O'Matik/
  Jerme Spew/Bucky Sinister/David McCord & more.128 pgs)
Good To Go-4.00
 (26 West Coast writers inc.Vaginal Davis/Pleasant Gehman/
  Lydia Schwartz.Good anthology from Seattle's Zero Hour.180pg)
Absolutely Zippo:A Fanzine Anthology-7.00
 (25+ issues 1988-98,collecting old issues of long-running East Bay
  punkzine.Stories,poems,cartoons,scene reports in chaotic,
  irreverent and addictive cut'n'paste gutterpunk style.300 pgs)

2.13.61 BOOKS

HENRY ROLLINS-Eye Scream-5.00
DON BAJEMA-Reach-5.00 
 (Vivid & impressionistic view of USA past & present thro' eyes of a
  growing youth in S.California,from the trailer parks thro' the 60's
  to the 90's.Clear,concise writing from former Olympic athelete)
NICK CAVE-King Ink-5.00
 (HB:B.Party/Bad Seeds lyrics + prose/art + Short Plays) 
TRICIA WARDEN- Attack God Inside-5.00 
 (New Jersey writer/poet,distilling abuse/misogyny/violence w/a dark humour)
VARIOUS-The Best Of 2.13.61-6.00
 (346 pg PB.Unrel.ROLLINS & HUBERT SELBY plus excerpts of all 2.13.61 authors


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