ACID REFLUX-S/T(EP)-3.00 (No Way:tight,fast,fun hc,8 tks/8 minutes)
AFTER THE BOMBS-Bloody Aftermath(EP)-2.00
 (Distort Reality.Montreal crusties, killer D-beat w/female vox ala early-Sacrilege)
BAD PARENTS-Purple Heart (EP)-4.00
 (Long Beach/SoCal punk: MRR heard traces of Killing Joke & Scientists, the label 
 hints of that art-damaged Le Shok/Neon King Kong aesthetic) 
BATTLETORN-Burn Fast(EP)-3.00 (500-only,minimalist NYHC,follow-up to acclaimed Troubleman EP) 
(Debut on Whisper In Darkness from PDX band who blend the gloomier side of UK 
 peace punk with the dark edges of 80's new wave (Chameleons). 500-only) 
(Boston vicious raw D-beat in midpaced Swedish style, on the well- named Total Fucker Records)
BLOWN TO BITS-Fuck American Xenophobia EP-3.00(Metallic Bay Area D-beat,clear wax)
BORN BAD-S/T(EP),Moron Music(EP)-3.00 each (300-only,F.Idiots.Vicious Canuck hc ala State/Negative Approach)
BORN/DEAD-Repetition-3.00 (Prank:1 oldschool Anarcho-pounder + 1 classic fast politico-hc thrasher)
BRAIN HANDLE-S/T(EP)-3.00(Debut,early-80’s style hc ala C.Suicide/Direct Control etc)
BRAINWASHED YOUTH-Trilogy EP-4.50 (Clevo veterans from Cider/Inmates/H-100s pay homage to vintage UK punk)
THE BREAKS-Are Broke(EP)-3.00 (Posthumous 5-tracker of raw,bitter Midwest hc)
BROKEN BOTTLES-Harbor Lane Homes-3.00 (Poshboy-style SoCal punk ala Social D/Shattered Faith etc)
BROKEN PATTERNS-Idle Times(EP)-4.50 
(300-only on Mundo Muerto’s label, 4 tks of catchy, snotty L.A. punk in vintage Weirdos/Cheifs/Dils style that could almost be a Dangerhouse release of yore) 
 Members of Knife Fight, Sleeper Cell, Tear It Up and  Broken Needle) 
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Terrible Evenings(EP)-4.00 (500-only white wax,catchy Zeke-style punk)
BURNING SENSATIONS-Cuzima(EP)-0.50 (From'93,offbeat/quirky hc that grows)
CARDIAC ARREST-Life’s A Dead End(EP)-3.00 (No Way:6 tks,ripping hc,C.Punishment-meets-FUs)
CEASE FIRE-Blind lead the Blind(EP)-3.00(Fetus-meaty metallic NYhc 5-tracker)
CHRISTIAN CLUB-Final Confession(EP)-3.00
 (Sorry State:brutal San Diego hc w/dual vocalists and vehement anti-religion message) 
CHRONICLE A/D-Tribes Against Empires-3.00(Ex-Antischism/Karst,dark hc from deepest Georgia)
CITY SCUM-Dead Man(EP)-3.00 (600-only, sleazy KBD/Germs-style punk out of L.A.)
COACCION-Amordazado(EP),Cenizas(EP)-3.00 each (Brutal Mexican D-beat,ex-Discordia)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH-One Definition Of Success(EP)-4.00 
(1st vinyl in 2 years from SF-based int’l hc band. This EP is a special Brazilian tour edtn w/nifty obi-style slv, recorded/written by Assfort drummer Kiku)
CONSPIRACY-Back To The Beginning(EP)-2.00(Early Stiff Pole,Florida hc w/metallic-edge)
CONTAMINATORS-Non Existant Love(EP)-3.00 (SoCal snotty KBD punk,500-only,think Nasty Facts/Dot Vaeth)
CONTAMINATORS-Minimal Minds(EP)-3.00 (300-only Italian press)
(Eclectic thrash, kind of Drop Dead + latterday Crudos w/some D-beat thrown in. 
 Spanish lyrics and a beautiful foldout screened sleeve)
COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON-Banda Aceh(EP)-3.00(Seattle Crust,ex-Phalanx)
COUNT VERTIGO-I’m A Mutant/X Patriots-5.00
 (Reissue of classic 1979 KBD two-tracker from Portland, crazed, monotone and  psychotic punk) 
CRACKROCK-Tupelo(EP)-2.00(8 tks,manic oldschool 80’s hc out of Atlanta)
CRIPPLED HEROES-Cycle Of Oppression(EP)-2.00(Fast,heavy Politico-hc from’98,good EP)
CROPKNOX-Do What?(EP)-3.00(Ltd Italian press,Bay Area oldschool UK82-style + dash of Ads/D.I.)
CROSSED EYES-Rattled(EP)-3.00 (Unique hc that mixes pop-punk/UK82/80’s-style hc,great)
CROSS LAWS-Ancient Rites(EP)-3.00 (6 tks,ferocious-yet-complex hc.Sorry State)
CROSSTOPS-Yuppie Killaz-2.00(Catchy punk ala early Vandals/False Confession)
DAS KRIMINAL-Flash Flood(EP)-2.00(Heavy hc,slightly Dead & Gone-ish,a standout)
DEAD AND GONE-Shiny & Black DBL-4.00(Reformed:dark,atmospheric HC)
DEATH SQUAD-Final Solution(EP)-4.00(350-only,UK82-style dark Punk from SoCal,ex-Dissonance)
DECONDITIONED-Big Act-4.00 (300-only,blue wax,last tks from Seattle band.Flipper/Scratch Acid/B.Flag hybrid)
DEFENDERS  Animal Eyes- 4.00 (Obscure Long Beach band from 1982, classic early 80’s dark  SoCal punk released here for the first time)
DEEP SLEEP-You’re Screwed(EP)-3.00(9 tks,great hc ala Adolescents/B.Flag,Grave Mistake Rec)
DESTROY L.A.-Vandalize(EP)-3.00 (No Way:snotty LA hc ala RKL/Ill Repute/Mystic Recs)
DIET COKEHEADS-Nasal-4.00 (Florida, art-damaged psych/punk/hc/noise mix-up, distorted/relentless)
DISSYSTEMA-Eye Of The Storm(EP)-3.00 (Despotic:Philly Scandi-style d-beat,ex-AOS)
DOG SOLDIER-Maniac EP-4.00 ( New from Whisper In Darkness, 500-only. 4 unrel. tks of PDX hc with metallic, English Dogs/Broken Bones touch)
DON AUSTIN-Rust Belt Blues(EP)-2.50(Ex-Pricks,early-80s style hc,great)
DOOMSDAY HOUR-Religion Breeds War(EP)-3.00 (D-beat hc from Long Beach,5 tk debut)
THE DRILLS-Skull Death 2 (EP)-4.00
 (500-only.Primitive,fucked-up Seattle punk,unrel.1981-2. Germs-meets-Bobby Sox ?!)
DRUNK'N'ANGER-Contaminated(EP)-2.00(Solid Canadian hc ala V.Society/Urbn Dk)
DRY ROT-Subordinate(EP)-5.00 (Nicely deranged,unique hc, Void + B.Flag + psychedelia)
EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES-Fuck You Eddie! 5.00 (Ltd clear vinyl on Frontier, repress of 1980 Orange County punk debut)
ELECTRIC VOMIT-The End (EP)-4.00  (Montreal punk from 1977-79,3 unrel. Demo tks, raw/snotty/obnoxious KBD-sound) 
ENTROPY-Gross National Product(EP)-3.00  (L.A. punk vets from mid-80s finally make it to vinyl,500-only,tight/fast L.A. hc)
EPISODE-S/T (EP)-3.00  (Ltd repress of great 2007 EP.Frantic,distorted hc reminiscent of 80’s Japanese hc)
EQUITY-Diana(EP)-2.00(Powerful hc w/de rigeur intense painstripping vox)
ESKE-Big Trouble In Little Village EP-3.00(Southkore:great raw ’82-style Chicago hc)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART-Escape(EP)-4.00 (300-only,clear wax;7 tks of early-80’s style hc)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA-La Guerra Es El Negocio De La Muerte (EP)-3.00  (Superb Mexican politico-hc,fusing classic Latin hc w/Doom or ENT-style duelling vocalists)
FINAL ASSAULT-Viimeinen/Yllatyshyokkays EPs- 5.00 each
 (Detroit crust vets from bands like Social Outcast/Heresy w/brutal mix of vintage UK Discharge/Varukers sound + Swedish raw punk. 150 #’d copies of each EP)
FINAL SOLUTION-Warsaw Uprise-3.00 (SoCal punk, members of The Main/Shattered Faith)
FISTICUFFS-Apocalypse Now/Riot Association EPs-2.00 each(Members of Violent Society,brutal hc)
FLASH BASTARD-This Means War(EP)-2.00(Florida Punk w/anthemic-SLF quality)
FORCED MARCH-Wasted Existence(EP)-3.00 (500-only,great no-bullshit fast politico-hc out of Portland)
FRONT LINE  Basic Training EP-4.00 
(500-only 1st time on wax for vintage 1982 demo  from Richmond, Va. 10 tks of vicious, primal US hardcore in White Cross-vein)
FUNERAL SHOCK-Dead Scenster(EP)-3.00(Sleazy pissed-off Bay Area hc ala Bad Posture,nice)
FUNERAL SHOCK-III(EP)-3.00 (2nd EP,vicious Bay Area hc,Black Flag-meets-Neg.FX)
GERM ATTAK-Zapatista(EP)-3.00 (Chaos UK/Disorder-style politico-noisecore from Canada)
GHETTO WAYS-Party Bag(EP)-4.00 
 (600-only,white wax in ziplock baggie.Great NY garage w/belting fem.vox,Crime-meets-Oblivians)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Arrested(EP)-3.00 (4 new tks,blazing hc mixing Gang Green/Adolescents/RKL)
HAIL OF RAGE-Fucking Pissed(EP)-3.00(German press,yellow wax.13 tks,300mph hc)
THE HELPLESS  Absurd Human Performance EP-4.50 
 (From Los Angeles, ex-Dead Noise, feedback-drenched Japanese-style hardcore, in keeping w/naming yrself after a Kuro record. Gold wax)
HERETICAL RESPONSE-Envision(EP)-2.00(Superb Politico-hc,lyrically spot-on)
HOMOSTUPIDS-The Edge(EP)-5.00 (Ex-9 Shocks Terror,nihilistic distorted punk.240-only)
HOUNDS OF HATE  No Redemption(EP)-4.00 
 (New from Katorga Works, members of Creem/Pissed Jeans/Natural Law whip through some stylish 80s-influenced Warzone/SOIA NYHC)
IMAGINARY ICONS-Eye-Cons-3.00 (Great art-damaged Wire/Homosexuals edgy ’78 postpunk sound,600-only,deleted)
INERTIAKILLS-Trop Tard(EP)-2.00(Intense Canadian thrash ala Infest w/Grind vox)
JEAN MILLS SOCIETY TORCH-Start Tomorrow(EP)-3.00  (Great MD hcblending N.Approach/Necros brute force w/Meatmen-tinged irreverence)
THE JUNK-Glad To See You’re Back EP-3.00 (Timely reissue of last years ludicrous-150-only pressing. L.A. Beach-punk from the Hostage stable)
JUNTA-Quiet Desperation(EP)-2.00 (Dogprint:Emo/P.Violence crossover??)
KONTEMPT-The End(EP)-3.00 (Cries Of Pain:brutal Canadian Anti-Cimex-worship D-beat)
LACKEY DIE Get Rich Plan(EP)- 3.00  (Prev.unreleased Va. Hc from 1984-5, eight tks rec. at Inner Ear.Good mid-80’s hc)
LAST IN LINE-Crosswalk(EP)-3.00 (Repress of ’99 EP,7 tks,early 80’s-style youthful hc crew)
LIFE TRAP-Bleak Reality(EP)-3.00 (No Way:7 tks,pure hc in Koro/P.Idea/AOF-vein)
LONG PIGS  S/T EP- 4.50  
(Last copies of this, bleak and desperate hardcore from NYC housed in a beautiful thick screenprinted card sleeve)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Street Terrorism(EP)-3.00 (Angry politico-hc w/hooks,members of Dead & Gone/Yaphet Kotto)
LOSER LIFE-Things Will Never Change-3.00 (500-only,SoCal hc w/melodic edge ala AOF/Husker Du/Leatherface)
LOSER LIFE-Burning Fields-3.00 (Ltd Euro-tour 7”, 2 new tracks)
LOST TRIBE  Unsound b/w Listless Mind-4.50 
(Distort Reality. 2 new tks of dark and creepy peace-punk w/a Goth edge but also hc touches, members of Aghast, Syndrome & SSR)
MENDOS VALIDOS- Pas Social EP- 4.50 
(From Monterrey, Mexico this is a good tough mix of anarcho and street-punk w/male/female vocals. Fold out sleeve, collaboration between several Mexican labels)
MERCILESS GAME-Genjitsu Wo Kutabare  8”  6.00 
(Members of Lotus Fucker, xBrainiax and Chaos Destroy with some brutal noise- punk inspired by Screaming Noise, Dust Noise, Gai etc)
MIDDLE CLASS-Out Of Vogue(EP)-5.00 (Ltd Frontier repress on blue wax of this seminal 1978 hc EP)
MONSTER SQUAD-All Out Of Control(EP)-4.00  (Good UK82-style Punk from N.Cal ala Cropknox,Dead Wretched,ltd w/poster-style slv & coloured vinyl)
MOTHERFIST-All the Lessons(EP)-3.00 (Fearless'93.Great LA hardcore,ex-Love Canal)
MUNDO MUERTO  Rompe El Statico- 4.00 (150-only repress of their debut, this time housed in a screened envelope)
NEGATIVES-Out In The Cold(EP)-4.00 (Deleted,incendiary OC Beach Punk ala Smogtown)
NON FIKTION NOIS-Contaminacion Mundial(EP)-3.00(Raw Chicago hc ala Los Crudos)
NO PEACE?-Zombie Brains (EP)-3.00 (Brutal Clevo hc, ex-Upstab/Gordon Solie Motherfuckers)
NO STATIK Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed-4.00 ( Bay Area hc, ex-Artimus Pyle, Scrotum Grinder & LBAL, brutal female- fronted hc)
THE NOTHING  Uniformz b/w Scream ’n’ Cry- 5.00 
(Legit reissue by Sing Sing of this insanely rare 1979 KBD 7” from 1979. Killer sleazy NYC punk, this was their only record)
THE ORPHANS-Electric S-3.00 (Found a few of this 2005 7” from Vinyl Dog. Good SoCal punk ala Sin 34/Legal Weapon)
PACHINKO-Deep Inside(EP)-2.00 (Heavy,twisted hc,latter-day Black Flag,touch of AmRep?)
PANZRAM-A New Mental Disorder For Youth In Disapproval EP-4.00 (2 left: brooding Born Against-style hardcore w/a great P/Furs cover)
PEDESTRIANS-S/T(EP)-3.00 (Gutsy Chicago Punk,midpaced w/nice early L.A./Dangerhouse-feel)
PERDITION-3rd EP-4.50  (NYC band take old Chaos UK/Disorder and Japanese influences & update them into a  contemporary sound of their own)
POP HORROR-Child Of Modern Times(EP)-3.00 (600-only,dark SF “Death Rock”?)
POPULAR SHAPES-B-Ball Music-4.00 (800-only,Hate The 80’s,jerky Wire-infused punk,deleted)
POSITIVELY NEGATIVE-Killing Spree PIC DISC-3.00(Seattle Politico-hc,300-only)
PRICKS-Horror House On Highway 5(EP)-2.50(Good snotty Midwest hc ala early-80’s)
PULL-Regret(EP)-2.00 (Stiff Pole.J.Lizard/K.Joke in a hc-blender,good)
PUNKTURE-Patriots(EP)-2.50(Tight politico-hc,nice EP from ex-Pist/Mankind)
THE PUSHERS-750 Bonneville-4.00 
(New on Hostage, 300 numbered copies on col. wax, Pushers return w/a more Exile On Main St. influence to add to their trad OC beach-punk)
REACTIONARY 3-Reactionary Songs(EP)-2.50
 (Great rhythmical/bass-heavy offbeat Florida band in true Minutemen-tradition.Excellent) 
REACTORS-It’s Not Important b/w Cold Eyes-5.00 
 (Reissue of obscure Texan KBD 7”, not to be confused w/the L.A. or NY Reactors. 2 moody punk killers, repros original sleeve but adds band-history insert)
REMISSION-A Few Faces Of Protest EP-2.50 
 (Aussie press,relentless dual-vocalled Politico-hc,deleted now too)
ROCK AND ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS-Wildman(EP)-2.00(Cool,trashy r’n’r punk,fun!)
SANGRE DE LOS PUERCOS-Asleep On Traintracks(EP)-3.00(Pissed-off NY Politico-Crust) 
SCARRED FOR LIFE-Is This The Price Of Freedom? (EP)-3.00  (Ex-Glycine Max.Classic Final Conflict/Crucifix-style SoCal politico-hc)
SCORNED-Consumption You Feed(EP)-4.00 (Recorded in 2003, 5th and final EP from Minneapolis crusties)
SCUM ALLEGIANCE-Corrupted(EP)-2.50(500-only,green wax,snarling CCM-style Texan hc)
SHITBASTARD-Waiting For The Warhead(EP)-4.00(CCM-style hc from 1994,good)
SICK-E’s-S/T(EP)-4.00 (500-only.Demented SoCal synth-punk in Screamers/Rock Bottom-vein)
SMOGTOWN-Ugly American Makeover(EP)-3.00 (Great OC Beach-punk,1st new tks since 2003)
SMOGTOWN-Dictoria-5.00  (Hostage returns after 6 year hiatus, 350-only numbered, col. wax, 2 new tracks of their ferocious OC Beach-punk)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes(EP)-3.00 (No Way:catchy oldschool hc ala A.Samoans/B.Flag,great!)
SOCIAL INFESTATION-Officer Friendly(EP)-2.00(500-only,brutal Atlanta Grind,dual vox) 
SPECTRES-Visions Of A New World-3.00 (Dark punk w/Crisis & Warsaw influences)
SPLINTER-The End of the Belief(EP)-2.00(Tight,muscular hc,last copies of'94 EP)
THE SPOOKY  Halloween Night-4.00 
(300-only numbered from Hostage. OC horror-punk combining vintage Posh Boy  tuneage w/gothy-era TSOL. “Rigor mortis” coloured wax) 
STISISM-Bacon Man-2.00(Veteran NY Punx in NBT/Ramones-style)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-Why Should We Stop The War?(EP)-2.50(Brian from D.Dead,fast hc)
SUBMACHINE-VML Live'94(EP)-2.50(Good live Drunkpunk)
SUPAGROUP-When In Rome-2.50(Anthemic powerful Punk/Rock ala later Gang Green)
SYNTHETIC ID-White Walls EP-4.50 
 (New SF band culled from members of Yadokai, Ecoli and Hunting Party, but this is angular, jerky punk for Wipers/Pere Ubu/Observers fans)
10-96-Gas Bag(EP)-2.00 (Beer City’94,fast/sloppy hc)
TANK 18-Drink,Drank,Drunk(EP)-2.00(Drunk hc ala Q.Punx/Submachine)
TERMINAL STATE-Panic Attack(EP)-4.00 (Last of deleted 2005 EP on Hate The 80s,fast 80’s-style hc)
THE JUNK-Alright-5.00 (Hostage again, 300 numbered/grey wax. OC punk, ex-Smut Peddlers)
TIME TO ESCAPE-S/T(EP)-3.00 (Excellent no-frills DC hc ala early Govt.Issue/Faith)
TIMMY-Beautiful Unreality(EP)-3.00 (Great sloppy hc from 1994,hints of Nausea?)
TIPPER’S GORE-Musical Holocaust(EP)-3.00 (Great ripping early DRI/BGK hc from Huntington Beach)
TOTEMPOLE-Baby Robs Banks(EP)-2.00 (Last Resort.LA Punk,good Ramones/Pistols-touches)
TONGUE-Killer Tongue Attack(EP)-2.00(Last Resort.LA Punk ala Butt Trumpet)
TRAGICS-Mommi I’m A Misfit(EP)-3.00  (Reissue of 1981 KBD rarity,fun thug-punk w/female vox)
TRESPAST-Killed By Concrete(EP)-3.00(Excellent politico-hc,nice DIY package too)
TRIOXIN 245-Ward Off The Evil(EP)-3.00 (Canadian d-beat.Destroy Records,gatefold sleeve)
TYRADES-I Am Homicide(EP)-3.00 (Abrasive,chaotic Chicago trash-punk w/great female vox)
UNHOLY THREE-She Told me Things(EP)-2.00(Brutal hc-w-attitude,Rubber City Rec.)
UNSETTLED-Down(EP)-2.00(Passive Fist from'95,brutal hc)
UPSTAB-Somebody Threw A Gallon Jug Of Thunderbird Wine At Me(EP)-4.00
 (Chris Erba of H100’s fame,6 tks of shredding Cleveland hc)
USV-Escapist(EP)-2.00(Havoc.Manic,snotty 80’s-style Thrash)
VEGETATIVE STATE-Laguna Beach Rules (EP)-4.00 
 (Debut from Feelers-proteges,vintage SoCal-style hc in Skulls/Controllers-style.400-only)
VIOLENT PARTY-Death Dance-5.00 
(2nd 7” from Lynchburg, Virginia raw-punk/noise outfit in Gai/Confuse-vein. 200-only) 
VIVID SEKT-Horde/Runaways-4.00 (PDX atmospheric punk that takes 80’s UK Anarcho-sound but updates it)
VOM- Live At Surf City EP-6.00 
(Official reissue of pre-Angry Samoans KBD punk classic from 1978, re- mastered with new double-sided insert full of old photos/memories)
WALKING WRECK-Morphed Out(EP)-4.00(500-only,green wax,excellent fucked-up OC Beach Punk) 
WAR OF WORDS-A Tale Of Friendship(EP)-3.00
 (Great oldschool Boston punk,kind of No Future-territory but w/originality)
WASTED TIME-Shameless(EP)-3.00(Bulldozing early 80’s-style hc ala P.Idea/Negative FX) 
WE MARCH-The Choice(EP)-4.00
 (300-only,excellent growling Midwest punk,touches of Stooges/NB Turks/B.Flag but hard to pin down) 
WE THE PEOPLE-How We Operate(EP)-3.00
  (Superb catchy hc w/touches of N.Raygun & vintage UK Blitz/4 Skins crunch.White wax tour version)
(Final release from Syracuse NY band, hateful reverb-drenched hardcore, this kills the (still impressive) precursory LP. Split release from Feeble Minds & Video Disease)
WHITE KAPS-Salad Daze(EP-3.00 (Fearless.Fast,catchy LA hardcore w/more originality than most)
WHIZ KIDZ-We Go Bananas(EP)-3.00 (Wednesday Night Heroes-spinoff,500-only splatter wax,fast 80’s-style skate thrash)
WORMHOLE-Ripped Apart(EP)-2.00 (Good Pittsburgh hc,up there w/A.Rotten,A.Flag)	
Y.A.P.O-Imminent Doom(EP)-2.00(Great mid-80s style hc,snotty/breakneck)
YOUTH GONE MAD-It’s Spreading Again(EP)/Why Is It Still Hard?-2.00 each
 (Campary/Last Resort resp.Longtime LA Punx still kicking)
YOUTH GONE MAD-Life Sweet Life/Oki Dogs-5.00 (Poshboy 1990,two old 1982 cuts)
ZERO DEFEX-War Hero 1983 Demo(EP)-4.00
 (500-only,now sold out at source.Unrel. 1983 demo by Ohio hc band,raw/thrashy early 80’s stuff)


ALLERGIC TO WHORE/SENILE CITIZENS-2.50(80’s-style brutal hc/DI-style)
ARMATRON/AS GOOD AS DEAD-2.00(Dischordant,intense hc-powerful)
ARSON FAMILY/46 SHORT-2.50(Blazing no-nonsense hc, great split)
BLACK SS/HOW WE ARE-3.00 (Kill Yr Idols/Slapshot-style hc, HWA take the ‘epic’ approach)
BORIS THE SPRINKLER/DROIDS-2.00('77-esque Punk/Powerful hc)
CEASE & DESIST/NO CLASS-4.00(Seattle:Politico-hc ala Aus Rotten/Antischism)
CIRIL/VAGINALS-3.00(R.Peni-style dark punk from Ciril,Vag’s oldschool female-fronted LA Peace-Punk)
CULPRITS/NO HEROES-4.00 (Raw Portland stuff,300-only,long-deleted)
DISENCHANTED/TWENTY-TWOS-2.00(Superb catchy hc)
ENDLESS NIGHTMARE/DISSYSTEMA-3.00(East Coast heavy Japanese-meets-Sweden style hc)
ENEMIES/SECOND HAND SPIT-2.00(From’94,good raw East Bay hc)
FEAR OF REPRISAL/McVEIGHS-2.00(Raging raw hc from both,great split)
FED UP/ADVICE FOR ADDICTS-3.00 (Fearless,LA hc/'77-Punk resp.Good)
 (500-only numbered,FFIB are tough Zero Boys-style punk,FB’s Chicago hip-punk)
MCRACKINS/FIGHTING CAUSE-2.00(Last Resort.Canadian pop-punk/LA hc)
MISSION TO MURDER/BRICKWALL UTD-2.00(Vicious 80s thrash/great Oi/'77-resp)
PROTESTANT/GET RAD-3.00 (Dark hc ala From Ashes Rise/Tragedy + ex-Kungfu Rick fast hc,white wax) 
SHEEPHEAD/MULTI FACET-2.00(300 mph snarling East Bay hc,think:Filth)
SWINDLE/THE FINDERS-2.25 (Snotty hc/great DC-ish hc w/strong vox resp.)
TRIBE 13/DECEPTACONS-3.00(GBH-style Punk from the V.Society-stable)
TROPIEZO/OUTRAGED-3.00(P.Rico/US:catchy,driving Latino hc ala Los Crudos,nice screened slv)
TWENTY-TWO’S/POSITIVE STATE-2.00(Posthumous’97 tks from 2 DC Punk bands)
UNLEARN/KRUEL-4.50 (raw/brutal D-beat from Canada/L.A. respectively, think Anti- Cimex, Shitlickers, Disclose) 
VIOLATION/BESTHOVEN-3.00 (US Scandi-style thrash + Brazilian 1-man d-beat assault,500-only)
VOID CONTROL/SCARRED-3.00(NJ/LA:T.Reasons-style politico-hc/vintage Crowd-style beach punk)


Compliments of the Chef-1.00('93-great hc:MEAT SISTERS/CAFFEINE/HAYMARKETetc)
More Noise by Nice Boys-2.00(A.NOSEBLEED/STATE OF FILTH/SKRUPEL +6)
Quebec Crusade-2.00(Raging Canadian hc:SHITFIT/IMMORAL SQUAD/G.HOLOCAUST+4) 
Sick Kicks For Shock Rockers-2.50(CLIT 45/LIBERATS/ASSAILANTS/P.REACTION +2)
Speed Freaks 3-4.00 (ABUSE/SUPPRESSION/S.APOCALYPSE/ROT + 2:500-only)


ADOLESCENTS-The Complete Demos 1980-86-7.00 (16 unrel.demos,coloured vinyl ltd edition)
ARMISTICE-Fluff And Stuff:The EPs And Early Years-7.00 (SoCal peacepunk/Crust.EPs,unrel,comp)
BEERZONE/MISGUIDED-Split-6.00(UK Streetpunk vs SoCal One Man Army-style anthemic Punk)
BI-MARKS-The Golden Years-10.00 
 (18 tks of Portland hc, likened variously to Adolescents, Zero Boys or Koro:fast, powerful and tuneful punk from members of Bog People and Nerveskade)
 (8 track MLP,500-only from yet another new Portland band,good hc again)
BONECRUSHER-Followers Of A Brutal Calling-6.00(German press,OC’s finest in Street Punk)
CHALK CIRCLE-Reflection-9.50 
(DC 1981-83, 12 tks studio/demo/live + 16pg glossy A4 booklet. CC were the first all-girl band to come out of the DC HC/Punk scene)
COLDBRINGER-Lust And Ambition-7.00
 (8 tk MLP,500-only,silkscreen slv,hard melodic PDX hc in Leatherface-vein,ex-Hellshock/Talk Is Poison)
CONTAMINATORS-S/T-9.00 (Last copy,200-only black wax.Ca. KBD-style punx)
CONTRA-Boys Club Anthems-5.00(Thrashy,passionate politico NY hc)
CONTRARY-Corroded Future-7.00 (Boston Punk,tight/fast oldschool UK-style w/power & tuneage,excellent)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE-S/T-7.00 (Portland UK82,members of Deathreat/Tragedy,good Blitz-style Punk)
DARVOCETS-Are New Wave MLP-9.00
 (750-only and long gone, more wacky alien abduction KBD punk from Cleveland)
DEAD & GONE-The Beautician-6.00(Dark/heavy/complex hc,nice return to form)
DECONTROL-The Final War-7.00(HC Holocaust,apocalyptic Canadian D-beat from spikes’n’studs veterans)
DEPRIVED-Discography-7.00 (7”s,splits + 5 unrel.cuts,20 tks of vintage Portland anarcho-crust w/foldout slv)
DESOLATION-S/T-7.00(Prank:SF crust-meets-classic Japanese hc.Pushead/Sugi art & beautiful slv)
DIODES-Time/Damage-7.00 (Rave Up: Canadian punks, excellent live set from 1978)
DOWN IN FLAMES-What The Fuck-6.00(625:aka S/T,300mph oldschool 80’s hc,great!)
E.B.S-Destroy Your Enemy-5.00(Venomous 80's-style thrash,relentless/obnoxious/great)
EPIDEMIC-Destroy-7.00(Great Boston leather/bristles Punk ala UK82/Defiance)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-No Moderation-7.00 (Searing 80s-style hc,Jerrys Kids velocity meets Ads-melodies)
HARDSHIP-Hangover Shift MLP-4.50(Powerful Portland hc that evokes P.Idea in places) 
HIT ME BACK-Life-7.00(Up & coming L.A. hc band,no-frills fast thrash)
HOLIER THAN THOU?-High On Barbecue-7.00(Nardcore-style SoCal hc,Deranged Rec) 
HOLLYWOOD SQUARES-Hillside Strangler-7.00 (Rave Up:rare 1979 KBD 7” +
KNIFE FIGHT-Crisis-8.00 (Lengua Armada. 10 tks of fast Discharge-meets-N.Approach hc)
LATEX NOVELTIES-A Girl’s Best Friend-7.00 (Rave Up:1979 punk,13 studio + 2 live cuts)
MANEURYSM-Dissecting The Remains Of Humanity-5.00
 (Ex-Remission/Default,German press,bleak/powerful hc ala Damad/Ojorojo/Dead & Gone etc)
 (9 tks, complete 1980-81 recordings. MD’s compiles rare Vinyl Solution EP +  comp tks, 0:30 SF evolved from the MD’s and this is their 
  unreleased EP.  Buzzsaw KBD punk from New Orleans)
MAUSER-Isolation MLP- 8.00 (UK press, 400 on black wax, great hc noisy punk from Florida inspired by Framtid)
MISERY-Who's the Fool?-5.00(Profane.Minneapolis crusties)
MISERY-Early Years-6.00(13 tks,all the rare LPs,7”s,comp cuts)
MOUTHUS-Divisionals-10.00 (Ecstatic Peace,300-0nly.Hypnotic drones/jams/loops)
MUNDO MUERTO-Entre El Kaos-8.00 
 (Fast and catchy SoCal punk w/Spanish vocals. Retains the melody of the earlier 7” and 12” but is harder & faster this time around. Great LP!)
NEW TOYS-Better Late Than Never-7.00 (Rave Up:Studio unrel. From 1981,2 live cuts.NY KBD punk)
NO THANKS-Are You Ready To Die?  8.00 (Lengua Armada. 1983 EP,1982 demo + live.NYHC)
PANZRAM-Reform  10”- 8.00 (Ugly, dark Florida hc (Walls/Pollution etc) w/a post-punk edge. Handmade slvs)
THE PATRIOTS-The Guilty Walk Free-10.00
 (17 tks inc. rare 1983 72, 1982 demo and Mystic comp. tk. Good L.A. punk from compatriots of Circle One & Wasted Youth + booklet)
PHALANX-S/T-6.00(Awesome dark,powerful Seattle hc)
PORKERIA-La Mierda De Siempre-10.00 
(Texan hc sung in Spanish, solid mix of old Finnish/Spanish influences but done with modern fervour, kinda Appendix-meets-Eskorbuto)
THE PUSHERS-Turning Blue-7.00 (Last copy.Disaster 2000.HB Beach punk for Hostage-fans)
THE RALPHS-Zeros,No Ones-8.00 (500-only,unrle. 1980-81 studio from Texan synth-punks)
RELIGIOUS WAR-Cracked System-6.50(HC Holocaust:D-beat/Scandi-influenced Portland hc)
REMISSION-95-98-5.00(1st demo/3 deleted 7"s-blistering dual-vocalled Politico-thrash)
SCHIZOPHASIA-1000-10.00 (1st full-length from Canadian noise-punkers. 480 numbered copies w/obi. Kind of UK82 sound mixed with Confuse or Gai)
SERVILE SECT-Stratospheric Passenger-10.00 (300-only,Ecstatic Peace.Alien black metal crossed w/MBV guitar drones)
’63 MONROE-Hijack Victim-7.00 (Rave Up:Canadian Glam-punk 1980-84.Rare 12” + tks)
SHELLSHOCK-Execution Time-8.00 (Rave Up:New Orleans hc 1979-87, 10 rare/unrel. studio cuts)
SMOGTOWN-Domesticviolenceland-6.00(2001 follow up to ‘Fuhrers..’,OC Punk)
STEPMOTHERS-You Were Never My Age-7.00(Complete Poshboy 1980-83,LA Punk)
STILL BORN-Answers Left Unquestioned-10.00 
(19 tracks from 1986-88 demos. First time on vinyl, NYC hardcore. Relentless and generic stuff, but likeable all the same)
STITCHES-4 More Songs 12”-6.00(Snotty LA Punk w/strong ‘77/KBD influences)
STUKAS OVER BEDROCK-Back To The Stone Age-10.00 
(L.A. punk best known for their ‘Life Like Yogi’ EP, 14 track unreleased  1983 LP. Coloured wax plus a poster insert)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE-Not Here To Make Friends-7.00
 (Raging Pittsburgh hc ala Negative Approach/Crucifix et al w/their own distinct touch,note Necracedia connection)
THE EAT-Live At The Polish American Club-9.00
 (500-only numbered copies.Unreleased 1981 live set from Florida KBD punks.16 tks,screened sleeves)
TRUST FUND BABIES-S/T-5.00(Short/sweet ’77-flavoured SF Punk,fast/raw/catchy) 
US BOMBS-Lost In America-6.00 (Good live set from 2001,15 tks,Disaster Records)
VIVID SEKT-Dance Among The Debris-9.00 
(Portland OR peace-punks, following on from a great EP and split. Dark, moody punk w/a fair nod to vintage anarcho but in their own style)
 (Beautiful 250-only clear wax gatefold slv,29 tks from deleted 7”s/splits/comps + 2 unrel,great female vox Anarcho)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-Sucking Of Missile Cock-6.00(Hardcore Holocaust label)


ADOLESCENTS-The Complete Demos 1980-86-9.00(16 unrel.demos 1980-6)
BEAT TO DEATH-Please Take A Number-7.00
 (Brutal Long Beach crust, ex-A/Solution,Glycine Max and Dissension.13 cuts)
BONECRUSHER-The Good Life CDEP-4.00(4 tks from 2003,more LA Street Punk)
BRISTLE-30 Blasts From The Past-7.00(1992-6,all 3 Eps + LP,good tight hc from Seattle)
CONTRA-Boys Club Anthems-7.00 (see LP above)
THE CONTROLLERS-Another Sunny Day-8.00 (Artifix:LA punk 1977-82,1st demo,live,unrel etc)
DARVOCETS-Have Landed-8.00
 (Rare 1996 EP/2006 LP + unrel.Clevo KBD punk w/alien abduction-theme,great)
DEAD AMERICA-Bleed The Human Heart-7.00(LA Cyber-Grind,ex-Mindrot/Phobia)
DISGRACE-Original 1979 Unreleased Album-7.00
 (Remastered,unrel. 1979 LP from NY punks,raw/snotty,members of Hypocrites/F.Prophets/Ultra Violence)
EVEN WORSE-You’ve Ruined Everything-7.00 ( NYHC 1981-2, 26 tks inc. unreleased LP and live.GTA)
FAKES-Everything’s Fake CDEP-4.00(Hostage:Classic OC Beach Punk,ex-US Bombs)
FORCED MARCH-Take Immediate Action-6.00 (Fast Portland hc)
FUNERAL-Discography-3.00 (CDR,23 tks of PDX hc,inc. 7”/12”/comp cuts.Foldout lyric slv)
HUMAN HANDS-Bouncing To Disc-7.00 ( L.A. 1979-81. 18 tks, rare vinyl/unrel. Jerky L.A. post-punk.GTA)
ILL REPUTE-What Happened Then-8.00(Mystic LP/7” 1983-84,classic Oxnard hc)
IN/HUMANITY-History Behind the Mystery-7.50( HG Fact,7"-sized sleeve)
INMATES-Discography-8.00 (1994 EP/1989 12”/unrel,27 cuts of ripping Clevo thrash)
KAOS-Complete Kaos-7.00 (Unrel.1980 demos,pre-Controllers L.A. punx) 
McRACKINS-Oddities & Eggcentricities Vol.1-7.00(Stiff Pole.Canadian Pop-Punk)
MINOR THREAT-First Demo Tape CDEP-5.00 (8 tks)
MISERY-The Early Years-7.00(23 cuts as opposed to 13 on the vinyl)
MISERY/PATH OF DESTRUCTION-7.00(Mn crust-vets,POD are ex-Code 13/Assrash/Calloused)
MORALLY BANKRUPT-Discography-7.50(32 tks,studio/live/unrel inc.rare LP,SF Punk 1985)
NEGATIVE TREND-S/T CDEP-5.00 (Remaster of classic 1979 SF EP,4 tks of pre-Flipper gnarly punk)
9 SHOCKS TERROR-A Nice Place To Live CDEP + DVD-5.00(3 tks + live DVD footage,brutal Clevo-hc)
OTOPHOBIA-Malignant-7.50(Slap A Ham’s finale:Philly thrash,21 paint-peelers)
PEGS-Period The End MCD-4.00(Ex-Numbers,Beach pogo-punk from the Hostage-stable)
R.A.M.B.O.-Wall Of Death The System-7.50
ROLLINS BAND-Insert Band Here-8.00(Great live set)
SHATTERED FAITH-S/T MCD-5.00(All 6 1981 Poshboy cuts,6 tks from 7”/comps,melodic LA punk)
SHOTWELL/MIAMI-7.00(Raw,infectious East Bay-style hc,CD of rare ’98 LP)
SMOGTOWN-Domesticviolenceland CDEP-4.00(3 cuts inc.2 non-LP,superb LA Beach Punk)
SMOGTOWN-Domesticviolenceland CD-7.50(Full-length)
STRIPED BASSTARDS-Di(y)scography-7.00(All the vinyl,excellent hc)
THEE UNDERTAKERS E.L.A-Crucify Me-7.00 ( 1980-81, 27 tks.Unreleased LP + Demo. East L.A. punk.GTA)
UNFAIR?-Freedom CDEP-2.00(Great Anarcho/Peace Punk from L.A.)	
URBAN WASTE-Mob Style-7.00(Classic NYHC 12” from 1981)
VICTIMS OF SOCIETY The Act Becomes Real CD  8.00
 (Rare 1983 7” + 2 live sets from CBGB’s 1983-4 by NY band who mixed hc w/ anthemic punk and Rotten-esque vocals. Excellent. GTA) 
WELLINGTON-Discography CD-7.00(16 tks from deleted 7”s/LP/Comps.Underrated moody hc)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT-Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter-7.50 


Barricaded Suspects-7.00
Destroy The Creep House-7.00
4 Old Toxic Shock 7”s-7.00
 (4 rare 1983-5 7”s + bonus cuts:RED TIDE/PEACE CORPSE/MASSACRE GUYS/M.INDUSTRY etc)
Fish & Vegetables-7.00(All new tks from FANG/HELLIONS/DR.KNOW)
Fuck The Nazi Law-1.00
Hymns For The Hearing Impaired Volume 1-7.00
Life Is Ugly,So Why Not Kill Yourself?-7.50
One Big Happy Slam Pit-7.00
 (27 tks from'96,good comp:I.REPUTE/W.KAPS/FORCE/DIVISIA/J.REVENGE/BLANKS 77/
Punk Rock That's Real-7.00
Six Pack to Go-6.00
Urban Guerrilla #10 ‘zine/CD-4.00 inc.postage
 (Mag has Cometbus/Verbal Abuse/Skating,CD has URKO/GRIMPLE/SMD/SLOWDEATH/


ABRAHAM CROSS-Peace Can’t Combine CD-8.00
 (Reissue of rare 2002 Crust War 12”,inc.deleted 7”/comp cuts,heavy metallic Crust.MCR)
AI-Ain’t No Slaves MCD-6.00(Bloodsucker 2003,3rd EP,raging trad Japanese hc) 
ASSAULT-1st/2nd CDs-8.00 each(HG Fact:moody,muscular hc 2002-3)
AVOIDED-(I’m) Leaving You-4.00 (HG Fact,melodic ’77-style Punk/Powerpop)
BAD DIRTY HATE-100%(EP)-3.00 (Superb Systematic Death-style searing hc from 2005)
BANJAX-Dedicated To Cowards MCD-6.00 (MCR:5 tks,all-girl Tokyo band,powerful hc)
BATTLESCARD-Hardcore 2010 Tape-5.00 (Pro-made Malaysian release, 8 tks of powerful, brutal hc, think Bastard/Forward)
CATTY WITCH/DEADLINE-Split CD-8.00(J/UK,female-fronted Street Punk,10 tks + videos)
CHAINSAW/CRUNKY KIDS-Split EP-3.00 (J/US,raging hc,CK ex-Hangnail,Clevo folks)
CONFRONT-The Curtain Of An Intense Attack EP-4.50
(Debut EP from Mie City hc band, classic raging Japanese hc ala Death Side or vintage 90’s releases on the Bloodsucker label)
CONTROL/STAGNATION-Total Noise Core EP-6.00 
 (HC Survives. Stagnation, w/added Kriegshog drummer, plus Kyushu’s  Control, who carry the violent party Confuse flag adeptly into the 010’s)
CROSSFACE-To The World Where Human Doesn’t Exist CD-8.00
 (Ex-Evance/Liberate.Tokyo hc from 2007)
DARGE-Desespero EP-5.00 (Malaysian press of 300. Strong SDS-style metallic crust)
DISCLOSE/SCARRED FOR LIFE-Split(EP)-3.00 (Japan/US split on Despotic,D-beat)
DISTURD-Isolation EP- 4.00 (Heavy, pummelling Crust in S.D.S/latter-Anti Sect vein, including 2 members of Death Dust Extractor)
DROPEND  Demonstration 2011 EP-4.00
 (500-only vinyl repress of the Narm Discos demo. Ferocious Japanese crusty hc that marries vintage ENT/Heresy w/the traditional Jap-style of noise)
FUTURES-Electric Wave From The Underworld CD-8.00 (MCR:intense/twisted hc w/old Italian hc-influence)
GOUM-The Motherfetus EP-5.00 ( Female vocals, dark emotional crusty hardcore with distinctly stark Anti Sect-styled artwork)
HATE NO.3-The Voice Of Hate MCD-5.00 (MCR:heavy,distorted hc from Kobe City)
HAZARD-Future Is Chaos CD-8.00 (Ex-DSB/Life,10 tks oldschool Japanese hc,good)
HEARTWORK-Undertaker(EP)-3.00(From 2003,anthemic Japcore w/gang choruses)
ISTERISMO-Discography LP-10.00 (Intense, Italian-influenced Tokyo hardcore. US press, discog of their demos to date)
JAG-Next World CD-8.00(Bloodsucker,9 tks from new Tokyo band,tight/fast hc)
KROMOSOM/ISTERISMO-Hardcore Pollution EP-6.00
(Oz/Jap split, 3 tks each + poster for Japan tour. Kromoson play blistering Scandi- style hc, Isterismo are crushing Italian-influenced hc)
MEOSS-Ship Of Death CD-8.50(Bloodsucker,from ’99,anthemic straight hc)
MUSHIZU-Prototype CDEP-4.00 (Heavy metallic Hiroshima hc,3 tks in cute slimline slipcase)
MUTANT-Schizophrenic Records Presents(EP)-3.00(8 tks,raw/chaotic hc w/gang choruses)
NEMESIS-Dou-Doku(EP)-4.50 (Classic hc in Warhead/Nightmare-vein. Gang choruses + ferocious energy) 
NK6-Yellow Beauty(EP)-3.00 (500-only tour EP,manic thrash,think Gauze/Don Don/Blaze)
NO PAIN-Black Jack MCD-5.00 (MCR: driving,unique hc, 5 tk debut)
ORDER-Kombinat 7”-5.00 (HG Fact, last recording as a four-piece. Ltd)
PERSEVERE-Instant Accident(EP)-4.00 (Bloodsucker.Excellent hc,follow-up to ‘Sex Tracks’ EP) 
REALITY CRISIS-Open The Door CD-8.00 (Japanese press of recent US vinyl,heavy Crust)
RICHARD RAMIREZ/MSBR-Negative/Offensive LP-10.00
 (Ecstatic Peace,400-only.US + late Japanese noise maestro:”fantastic walls of brutal shard skum splatter”)
ROCKY & THE SWEDEN-844 CDEP-5.00 (Classic J-Core EP from 1999,Bloodsucker)
SHIKABANE-Why Do You Live? LP-7.00(US press,Prank,dark/heavy hc)
 2nd EP on the ever-reliable HC Survives label. Nice mix of UK82 and the more melodic Finnish/Swedish 80s stuff like Appendix, E.A.T.E.R et al)
SLOW MOTIONS-S/T CD-9.00 (HG Fact:11 tks,good catchy punk,’77-style + garage)
SPIT FIRE-Hardcore Discography CD-7.50(625:1986-89 hc,early 80’s style + 2 live videos)
TECHNOCRACY-Diary Of A Terrorist 12”- 9.00 (2nd release,crushing crossover hc with the obvious CoC comparisons)
TYPHUS-Insect Terrorists LP-7.00 (Absolute Power. Pre-Gauze hc from 1981, rare flexi + demos)
VARIOUS-Bloodsucking Freaks 2003 CD-8.00
VARIOUS  Complete Aural Turmoil EP-6.00 
 (HC SurvivesRaw punk EP for Japanese tour, J/USA/Finland represented by D-CLONE, MAUSER and FOLKEIIS)
VARIOUS-Deny The Report 3 CD-7.50
VARIOUS-East Islands Of The Hardcore Fighters CD-8.00
VARIOUS-Konton Damaging Ear Massacre CD-8.00
 (MCR CD reissue of deleted Crust War LP,8 bands/16 tks:FRAMTID/POIKKEUS/KRUX/ADIXION/ZOE/
VARIOUS-Show Your True Colors CD-7.00
 (URGE/ACME/TERRIBLE HEADACHE,7” sleeve,crushing hc)
VARIOUS-This Is The Life Volume 7 CD-8.00
VARIOUS-Toyama City Hardcore CD-8.00
 (MCR,14 tks:UNUSUAL/FURAN/NOSE ERROR/FTD,all heavy hc from 1998)
VIOLENT PAIN-Feel For New Age(EP)-2.50(MCR:unusual hc w/melodic & Oi! touches)
WARHEAD-This World Of Confusion 7”-5.00 
(1st recordings in 7 years, two new tracks of super-distorted hc on HG Fact, the trademark Warhead sound plus addition of Jacky (Framtid) on guitar)
WORMS’ MEAT-Four Stupid Brains(EP)-3.00(Tokyo hc ala Nightmare/Cruck,750-only)
ZONE-Squeezed State LP-7.00 (Ltd US press on P.I.Crime,hc heavyweights)


THE A-HEADS-Discography 1982-2009 LP- 8.00 
(Early 80’s Anarcho w/female vox, stablemates of the Subhumans. US  release that includes all their 1980’s recordings + an unreleased demo + 3 2009 tks)
CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR-Demo/Liberation/War With No End EPs-3.00 each
CORTINAS  Mk.1 LP-10.00 
(1977 Bristol punks. 1st press of 500 copies, retro release that includes both Step Forward  7”s plus 10 previously unreleased demo tracks)
CRAVATS-The Land Of Giants 2CD-8.00  (32 tks from late 70’s-early 80’s,rare vinyl + unreleased,essential)
DISCHARGE-Apocalypse Now LP-8.00 (Live London Lyceum 1981 on the tour of same name)
EATER-Live At Barbarellas 1977 LP-9.00 (Elusive Italian press,14 tks live 30/08/77)
EAT SHIT-Leather,Bristles,Studs & ‘Ackney(EP)-4.00  (Hackney Hellcrew unreleased live crusty hc from mid-80s)
 (Great debut from Nottingham band, a mix of D-beat, Peni & Anti Sect  but with a distinct & unique edge. 300 copies, 160g wax and Crass-style sleeve)
FORMBY CHANNEL-The Inimitable(EP)-3.50 
 (Less than 500 of this, a Wankys side-project. Imagine that band playing an unholy mix of Oi! & pop-punk: “catchy and deranged singalongs”)
FOUR LETTER WORD-Crimewave! (EP)-2.50 (Welsh hc,nice L.A./Poshboy-flavoured melodic punk)
 (MN are an atmospheric, feedback-drenched dark Psych trio, Homosexuals are London DIY art-punk veterans. Two tracks from each) 
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-Americanized CD-7.00 ( 25 tks 1978-2000.1st 7”,12” + unrel. live/studio.J.Division-tinged Anarcho)
THE LOVE TRIANGLE- Boomerang Girl b/w Quick Joey Small-4.00 
 (Members of the Shitty Limits combine breezy/energetic early-Buzzcocks pop  w/ raw immediacy of 60’s garage. Old folk will recall Slaughter & Dogs
 last covered the b-side) 
MACHINES-True Life EP-6.50 (Reissue on 1977 Recs of ‘78 EP by Southend band, raw fuzzed-out punk)
MASTERSWITCH- More Action Replay CD-6.00 (12 tk unrel. LP from 1978 Roxy/Vortex band, tuneful London punk) 
THE MEANIES-Waiting For You 7”-6.50 (Catchy, Mod-flavoured Powerpop, reissue of 1979 rarity, 300-only, 1977 Recs)
JOHNNY MOPED-The Bootleg Tapes Vol.1 & II 2LP-10.00
 (26 tks of the inimitable Moped 1974-77, all recorded from rare tapes.Col.wax)
MUTANT APE-Erotic Yorkshire LP-10.00
 (Ecstatic Peace,300-only.Insane UK noise (quote).Harsh power electronics
NAKED-One Step Backward CD-7.00 (Anarcho 1979-84,rare 7”s + unrel.23 studio cuts total)
NO CHOICE: Try And You Might CD-7.00 (20 tks inc.Riot City 7”,comp cuts + 1982-92 demos. Welsh punk.GTA)
NO WAY-Senile Delinquents MCD-6.00 (200-only,6 unrel. studion cuts 1978,catchy/powerful NE Punk)
NUCLEAR SOCKETTS-Overload CD-7.00 (Both rare 1981 7”s + unrel.’81 live set,600-only)
PICTURE FRAME SEDUCTION-Stop The Bloody Slaughter CD-8.00
 (GTA:28 tks inc. 1985 LP,1984 EP,Live 1985,1981 outtakes + 1978-82)
PITS-My New High 7”-2.00 (Good anthemic mid-tempo Britpunk)
THE PROLES-Thought Crime CD-7.00 (25 tks 1978-80, Newcastle. Split EP,7” + unreleased studio.GTA)
PROPHECY OF DOOM-Tri-Battle-3.00 (2 prev. unrel. 1996 cuts:metallic crust)
PSYCHO FACTION-Twenty Two Years Too Late(EP)-5.00
 (6 tks from 1982-3 rehearsals/live:raw-as-hell Anarcho from Cumbria,nice Crass-style slv too)
PSYKIK VOLTS-Re-Volting CD-8.00 (12 tks inc.rare 7” from 1979 + unrel.Great DIY UK punk)
RIVALS-…If Only LP-8.00
 (500-only,classic snotty teen-punk 1978-81 from Kent.Both KBD 7”s + unrel. studio)
RUTS-Deeply Vale/Get Out Of It CDs-8.00 each (Live sets from ’78-79)
THE SCEPTRES-Childsplay b/w Jobcentre Plus-4.00
 (Swansong for London band, a darker post-punk sound than their previous
 jerky, upbeat SoCal-influenced singles)
SELF ABUSE-(I Didn’t Wanna Be A) Soldier CD-8.00
 (Grand Theft:27 tks 1982-84 inc. both 7”s and unreleased demos) 
SINYX Britain Is A Mausoleum CD-8.00
 (Dark Anarcho from Southend.Rare 7”,demos,comp tk + live Action Space 1980. Grand Theft Audio)
SODS-Makes Me Sick! CD-8.00
 (20 tks 1977-79,both rare KBD 7”s + unrel. studio/live.Great gnarly UK punk)
STENCH-Moral Debauchery(EP)-3.00 (US reissue of 1982 Wolverhampton rarity,snotty/crude punk)
THE COLOURS OUT OF TIME-Stroll Upon The Wall Of Sound CD-7.00  
 (1980-82, 15 tks.Both rare 7”s + Peel + unrel.Great psych-punk from Crewe.GTA) 
(Complete 1984-5 studio sessions, 13 tks by London band that arose out of
 the Anabollic Steroids and Dev from Flowers In The Dustbin. First 10 tks come
 from unreleased tape due for release by 96 Tapes. Excellent remastered demos
 that mix elements of anarcho, Goth and post-punk)
THE USERS  Kicks In Style 7”-6.50 (2nd 7” from 1978, sleazy Saints-style stuff, not up to “Sick Of You” but close)
 (23 cuts 80’s Anarcho,many unrel. from R.BALLET/DIRT/A-HEADS/SYSTEM/YIA/ANTI-SYSTEM etc)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Anti-Society CD-7.00
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Anti-Capitalism CD-7.00
 (4th & last in series:23 cuts from ANTISECT/CONFLICT/CRASS/EPIX/PENI/LOP/D&V etc)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Artcore Vinyl Fanzine 5 LP/’Zine-9.00 
 (Incredible Int’l comp w/bands from US, UK, Oz, Europe & S.America like ARCTIC
 more. Inside, Artcore 29 has most of the above plus AMEBIX, AGENT ORANGE, 1981,
 MDC, Rave Up Records and Alec MacKaye)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Bored Teenagers Volume 5 LP/CD-9.00/8.00
 (16 tk vinyl/27 tk CD.Rare and mainly unrel. punk 1978-82 inc. BLITZ/T.H.E./EGOs/TARTS and more) 
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Messthetics 100 Greatest Hits CD-7.00
 (UK DIY 1977-80,rare/unrel. REJECTS,SIX MINUTE WAR,ANOREXIA,O LEVEL and more)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Messthetics 101:DIY 1977-81 London CD-7.00
 (22 tks,London DIY 1978-81 from HOMOSEXUALS,REJECTS,SCISSOR FITS & more,22 tks + MP3s)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Messthetics 104 CD-7.00
 (S.Wales 1977-81,23 tks + 6 MP3s,rare/unrel. From TAX EXILES,SPITFIRE BOYS & many more)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Messthetics 105 CD-7.00
 (Scotland 1977-81,24 tks + 9 MP3s.FIRE ENGINES/DIRTY REDS/FAKES/EXILE etc.Punk/DIY)
VARIOUS ARTISTS-Stortbeat:A Musical Collective 2CD-15.00 
(1000-only,beautiful 7” gatefold slv w/2 large glossy foldouts,48 tks on 2 CDs 1978-80,rare vinyl +
THE WANKYS  Poundland-4.50 
 (320-only on white wax w/screened insert. Leicester’s finest noise-merchants)
WASPS-Punkryonics CD-8.00
 (Classic ’77 Punk,7”s + Vortex cuts & unrel. studio,15 tks 1977-78,superb)


ACAO DIRETA-Entre A Bencao E O Caos LP-5.00(3rd LP from Brazilian thrashers,politico-hc)
AQUI D’EL ROCK-Ha Que Violentaro O Sistema (EP)-3.00
 (Rave Up:Portuguese punk 1978-79,rare studio tks.Red wax,500-only)
CHAOTIX-Cafe Atomico CDR-3.00 (Brazilian hc,7 tracks)
CITY-X- Elektriske Suin CD-7.00 (Denmark, 29 tks 1981-83, vinyl + demo.GTA)
CRUDE S.S.  Who’ll Survive(EP)-5.00 
(Repress of 1983 Swedish hc classic. Band-approved and exact even down to original typos)
CRUNCH-Estrema Mente(EP)-2.00(Awesome Italian hc in vintage-style,US press)
DIASPORA-Gaikkodibehet Muurat Vuolas LP-5.00(Great Finnish political Crust w/dual vox)
DIOS HASTIO-Morfologia(EP)-3.00(500-only,final EP from Peruvian political-thrashers,great)
DISGUST-Horror Of It All CD-7.00(UK Crust/D-beat,ex-ENT/Raw Noise)
ENDROPHOBIA-A Reason To Go On(EP)-3.00(German-based but ex-Defiance/Resist.Female vox)
GUILTY RAZORS-I Don’t Wanna Be A Rich..(EP)-4.00
 (500-only on various col.wax, exact reissue of classic 1978 French KBD EP.Now deleted)
HOSENFEFER-Knife In My Back(EP)-4.00(Serbian Punk from Kosovo.Tian An Men 89 label)
IMPERYA SNEGOV/REVOLVER-Split EP-4.00(Tian An Men again,500-only,offbeat Punk ex-USSR)
INDIREKT Total War Path 2CD-10.00
 (58 tks culled from 7”s/LP/Demos/Live/Unrel. 1984-87, inventive female-fronted hc from Holland. GTA)
(Mexico: deranged hybrid of negative hardcore and no-fi garage, 13 tracks w/venomous lyrics and attitude)
INSURGENT RAT-Yellow Jacket(EP)-3.00 (Umea,Sweden:members of Rats & Insurgent Kid, good hc)
KONTA ORDEN/ANTI-TODO-Split EP-2.50(Raw politico-hc out of Colombia)
LAMA-Eika Mikaan Mouttunut CD-7.00 (Classic Finnish punk 1979-82,singles comp)
LEPROSY-5 Track EP-4.00
 (Raw UK82-style Australian hardcore but with it’s own unique edge, almost an
 updated Riot City/No Future sound. Green wax, Hardcore Victim)
M.E.L.I.-Muerte En La Industria CD-8.00
 (Raw-as-fuck Mexican hc 1987-89,13 rare demos + 14 live cuts Confuse-style,nice Japanese digipak press)
MENSTRUATION SISTERS-Samantha,My Wack Panther LP-10.00
 (Ecstatic Peace,300-only. Australian guitar/poetry avant-noise worship)
MIGRA VIOLENTA-HC Crust CD-7.00(Argentina,but Mexican press,fast angry politico-hc)
OS ESTUDANTES-Perdao(EP)-4.00 ( From Brazil, recorded in 2009, excellent fast/catchy hc-punk)
OUT WITH A BANG-I’m Against It(EP)-3.00 (ex-Grabbies,fast ’81-style SoCal hc from Italy)
PARANOID VISIONS Strobelight And Torture(EP)-3.00
 (Dublin punk veterans return. Title tk addresses a 1981 fire that killed 48 people in 
 a dodgy Dublin disco and the resultant lack of justice for family & survivors)
PARANOID VISIONS The Treasure From The Wasteland 12”- 5.00
 (3 track ltd pink wax 12” covering 3 long-lost Dublin punk gems from 1979-80 by Atrix, The Threat and D.C.Nien)
PUTAS MIERDAS-El Punk No Quiere..(EP)-4.00 (Eskorbuto-style driving melodic hc from Mexico w/pissed-off vocals)
RIPPERS-Raw Evil(EP)-5.00
 (330-only in handstamped slv w/badge,powerful SoCal-style gnarly Punk from Spain,superb!)
SCHIFOSI-Half Lit World(EP)-3.00(Brutal Crust from Australia w/female vocals,clear wax)
STALIN  Chaos EP-6.00
 (Obscenely rare 1980 Finnish hc cult-classic finally gets the reissue treatment. Only 200 made back in the day; this reissue faithfully replicates orig. A3 foldout slv)
SURRENDER/1981-Split EP-4.00 
(US/Finnish split. Anarcho punk that both updates and pays homage to that UK 80s style. Angry, intricate but melodic)
SVART SNO/UR FUNKTION-Bellyache And Acid Eyes CD-7.00 (Sweden. 32 tks 1989-98, vinyl + comp cuts.GTA)
VARIOUS-Court Metrage EP-2.00
VARIOUS-Do it Yourself EP-2.00
 (Excellent Italian hc from EVERSOR/POINT OF VIEW/THIS SIDE UP/NIA PUNX+1)
VARIOUS-Internationally Pissed(EP)-3.00
VARIOUS-Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru CD-6.50(UK:IN THE SHIT/POUNDAFLESH + 4)
VARIOUS-More Noise by Nice Boys(EP)-2.00
VARIOUS-Propaganda Live LP-7.00
 (Classic Finnish 1983 live comp reissued:BASTARDS/RIISTETYT/VARAUS/T.KADET/F.FINLAND & more)
VARIOUS-6 Way Split CDR-3.00
 (Aussie d-beat, 6 tracks of full-on raw punk noise encompassing Anti Cimex, Disclose and Shitlickers. Red wax) 
ZYKLOME A-Noise And Distortion CD-7.00 ( Belgium 1982-85, 39 tks.Rare vinyl,demos,comps + unrel.GTA)

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