New Arrivals Summer 2012>

USA: 7”

ANCIENT FILTH  S/T EP  ** 4.50 **
 New Boston hc, 6 intense tracks, impressive package inc. huge poster-
 sized screened insert with impassioned, intelligent lyrics dealing in
 societal pressure and punk conformity. Great EP 
BRAINKILLER  3rd EP  ** 4.50 **
 New 6-tracker from Boston band who mix Crucifix, Deathreat and
 driving Japanese hc. 11 minutes of raw, caustic protest anthems
CRIMSON SCARLET  Sanctuary b/w Two Kinds Of Red  ** 4.50 **
 Powerful goth/death-rock from Santa Barbara, Ca. Members of Mundo
 Muerto & Midnite Brain with 2 dark, driving female-fronted  tks in Siouxsie/
 X-Mal vein but w/the punch of TSOL or 45 Grave. Coloured wax
DRAPETOMANIA  El Mundo Te Komera EP  ** 4.50 **
 L.A. punk from the S/Statico, TB, Mata Mata stable, nice mix of S.American
 raw punk and melodic Oi! influences. 500-only
FRENZY  Noizey Trouble EP  ** 4.50 **
 PDX punk on Distort Reality, ¾ of Nerveskade reappear w/some spikey,
 distorted and UK 80’s-influenced hardcore. The cover reeks of some
 Disorder-retread, but actually this has more of a USHC feel to it
HUNTING PARTY  Sub Rosa With Whispered Pacts EP  ** 4.50 **
 Pissed-off hardcore from the Bay Area by members of Desolation, Ecoli &
 Nightstick Justice. Pummelling hc in Born Against/Lifes Blood vein
THE IMPALERS Demo EP  ** 4.50 **
 Vinyl issue of impressive 2010 demo, 5 tks of D-Beat tinged metallic hc
 with definite nods to Discharge, Anti-Cimex and Motorhead
LUCHA ETERNA  Mijo Cipito EP  ** 4.50 **
 6 tracks of blown-out fast hardcore en Espanol with a Brazillian flavour
 from Cleveland. 300-only on coloured wax in screenprinted recycled jackets
NO POWER  Distort EP  ** 4.50 **
 2nd EP from N.Carolina band, companion piece to the ‘No Axis’ EP, more raw,
 distorted hardcore, this time equal parts psych-noise, Japan-worship & D-beat
PERMANENT RUIN  Theme For Castration FLEXI  ** 3.50 **
 Blistering Bay Area hardcore helmed by the trademark, raspy vocals of the Condenada
 frontwoman. 7 tracks, 250-only from Radical Punx Never Die
POLISKITZO  Dulce Del Systema EP  ** 4.50 **
 Debut 4-tracker from L.A. band: raw, melodic and very catchy stuff w/some 80’s
 Spanish influences but generally their own sound
SHAVED WOMEN  Static EP  ** 4.50 **
 Follow up to last year’s impressive 12”, twisted acidic hardcore that has a whiff of
 AmRep-era Drunks With Guns. 300-only
SHOPPERS/PANZRAM  Split EP  ** 4.50 **
 Upstate NY meets S.Florida: The Shoppers reference No-Wave, post-punk
 and Riot Grrl, Panzram are dissonant, pounding hc in NYHC of the ABC
 No Rio-era (Citizen’s Arrest, Hell No etc). Good split
THE STITCHES  Monday Morning Ornaments  ** 4.00 **
 UK press of Modern Action release that sold out in a day in the US, 2 new cuts
 of snotty, speed-fuelled L.A. beach-punk, their first new songs in 10 years
TESTORS  Together b/w Time Is Mine  ** 5.00 **
 Rare 1980 NYC punk single given the legit reissue treatment, exact repro of the
 original but with a bonus cut tagged on 


CRAZY SPIRIT  Demo  ** 10.00 **
 Toxic State US repress of re-mastered Demo LP first made in the UK. Beautiful
 hand-printed/screened sleeve and insert. NYC punk
NEON PISS  S/T  ** 9.00 **
 Killer melodic punk from the Bay Area, well-crafted and powerful tuneage
 that took 2 years to gestate. Lazy comparisons to the Observers/Pedestrians,
 but that’s the general reference-point. 500-only
RAYOS X  Soledad   **  10.00 **
 New from Mata La Musica, 3rd release from L.A. punx, 500 pressing
 Excellent melodic punk w/influences from Eskorbuto, Colera and
 Leuzemia. 8 tracks, sadly now defunct
ROSENKOPF  S/T  ** 12.00 **
 NY trio who meld monolithic deathrock w/electronics, guitars and the hypnotic
 basslines of Saira, last seen in Detestation. Brooding, atmospheric rhythmic post-
 punk mood-pieces, v.original. 300-only black wax on Wierd Records


ASPEX Peaceful Life Is Now Your Nightmare  ** 4.00 **
 7 tks w/small poster, Malaysian pro-tape in sealed box. Members of
 Kruel, Helpless and other L.A. bands playing Finnish-influenced noisy
 punk, a kind of updated Kaaos/Bastards sound. 80s-meets-2012
DISABLE  Blitzkrieg Nights  ** 4.00 **
 From Atlanta USA, raw D-beat, total Disclose-style, pro- Malaysian tape 
 as above. Five tracks that conjure up early Disclose demos in their ferocity
DISORDER  Perdition + 1980 Demo  ** 4.00 **
 Malaysian press, Perdition EP plus 1980 (first) demos, remastered
HOUSEHOLD  Items  ** 4.00 **  
 9 tks. NYC girl trio update the early 80’s UK DIY-style, jagged rhythms +
 bubblegum pop melodies, think Petticoats/Liliput/Young Marble Giants
KRUEL  Noise Not Music  ** 4.00 **
 9 tks, L.A. D-beat raw crust, Disclose-meets-Anti Cimex, Malaysian pro-tape
SCUM  Nuclear Winter  ** 3.50 **
 2nd demo, 100 numbered copies, 5 tks of Michigan D-beat crust with a Japanese
 noise touch. Standard for the genre but well done 
S.H.I.T.  2012 Demo  ** 4.00 **
 New Toronto hardcore made up of members of Violent Future/Urban Blight. Fast
 and bleak, 6 tks with a creepy R.Peni undertone. Beautiful monochrome multi-
 panelled sleeve tops this off
SKANKA  2011 Demo  ** 4.00 **
 Atlanta, USA 7 track demo, d-beat raw noise inspired by Framtid, Zyanose et al.
 Their only demo, pro shrinkwrapped Malaysian press
VESPERA  Demos  ** 3.50 **
 Japan. 1st and 2nd demos combined, catchy raw punk from members of DSB plus
 female vocalist, actually this is way more melodic, in the vein of Masshysteri
ZOLOA  Cocolia ** 4.00 **
 1st tape from new Long Beach, Ca. band, 8 studio. Members of Mata Mata w/ferocious 
 crust-flavoured heavy hc + Spanish vox that combines old Swedish  hc with some spooky 
 Ghoul/Zouo touches in places 


AKKA  5 Songs EP  ** 5.00 **
 New From HC Survives, all-girl band from Shikoku Island, Japan playing dark,
 melodic Anarcho punk
BRAUSEPOTER  Bundeswehr ** 4.50 **
 Small town 1978-82 German punk trio, great desolate, jerky and
 idiosyncratic punk w/a Metal Urbain/Pere Ubu edge. 300-only US press
CONTRAST ATTITUDE  Black Or White EP  ** 6.00 **
 4 new tracks from veteran Mie City band who continue their solid tradition of
 brutal Disclose/Discharge inspired distortion noise attack. Malaysian press
THE DECAY  Tonight (Back From The Death) EP ** 4.50 **
 Reissue of classic primitive Swiss punk EP from 1985, but with the orginal mix
 instead of the neutered version the Swiss pressing plant insisted on at the time.
 500 pressed, 250 for Europe
HEXIS  X EP  ** 4.50 **
 From Denmark, hardcore/black metal hybrid w/wall of guitar noise, a
 thunderous low-end floor tom sound and oppressive bass
PEOPLE  Fairy Tale LP  ** 11.00 **
 Debut from Japanese punx, 11 tracks of total Swankys-worship. One-time
 press on 180g vinyl in thick colour glue-pocket sleeves
SHITLICKERS  1982 LP  ** 10.00 **
 Both classic distorted  Swedish hardcore 7”s from 1982 on one 140 gram reissue
VARIOUS ARTISTS  Bullsheep Detector LP  ** 8.00 **
 Unreleased Welsh punk 1980-84. Red wax, free DVD plus superb foldout sleeve. 20
 CLASSIFIED PROTEST, PSEUDO SADISTS  and many more culled from rare tapes. Great!
VENDETTA  Vendetta EP ** 5.00 **
 300-only UK repress of great Japanese 7”, but with an extra track, some different art,
 translated insert and fetching red/yellow vinyl


PLOPPY PANTS 14   ** 1.00 **
 UK A5. RIP, last and best issue. 40 pages packed w/PAGANFIRE, SMG, CARBURETOR
 DUNG, S.E. Asia tour, Scots punk and the best tour of SE Asian vegan cuisine this side
 of Anthony Bourdain
YOUR WAR 3 + tape  ** 4.00 **
 rarities, plus an aptly-named STUPID NOIZE  tape, 8 tks of Virginia noise-merchants
YOUR WAR 4   ** 1.00 **
 USA A5. Massive interview w/founder of ANTI-CIMEX, plus GLOBSTERS  and VAASKA. 
 Great regular little ‘zine with its own idiosyncratic, enthusiastic style

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