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DEFIANT POSE 4  64 A5 Digest pages:1982-3 Brazilian Punk,Keith Levene(Clash/PiL) 
                                  interview,Moors Murderers,Kevin Carter,Gulf War,Kosovo,Haile
                                  Selassie,Seattle guide,Irish Punk,77 Fanzines and more(Aug.2001)   
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DEFIANT POSE 5  28 A5 Digest pages:Subway Sect Special,old cuttings/interviews etc(2002)
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DEFIANT POSE 6   76 A5 Digest pages:LA Punk History special.Shameless nostalgia on      
                                  the likes of Circle One,Germs,Artistic Decline,Detox,R.Pettibon,
                                  Hollywood Squares,Weirdos.All the gang warfare,intolerance,
                                  juvenilia and general teenage hijinks you can handle,plus of course 
                                  those old perennials,drug abuse and premature-death! Also,
                                  interviews w/Dave Markey(Sin 34) and writer Iris Berry(2003)  

                                  ***********SOLD OUT*************************(1.50/E4/$5)
DEFIANT POSE 7  80 A5 Digest pages:Fanzines, a potted history/tribute from 1976 -80s.
                                  Histories, reprints and more from the best in subterranean UK Punk
                                  publishing, concentrating on 1976-80 and Crass

                                  ************OUT 2012*******************************                                                                                  

DEFIANT POSE FLYERS ISSUE   32 A4 pages. First print sold out, Second coming soon

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