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Be warned of dealing with any of the following labels:

PRGNT Records (W.Mass)

Specifically Jack who also co-runs Damage Shop/Mail-order with Josh of Feeble Minds. Took $90 and when the box of records didn’t show claimed the standard ‘I just moved’ and ‘didn’t have Internet access’, promised to re-send and, naturally, never did. Both he and Josh ignore emails after running out of stock excuses.

SILENCIO STATICO label and shop in Los Angeles.

Seem to finance a lot of their endeavour by fleecing non-US folk dumb enough to order online. Filled one order promptly, then hit me on the next. Also run some shitty BM label, a cursory trawl through message boards showing up a similar track-record. Numerous Italians and other Euros contacted me with tales of lost money. These kind of parasites are the worst because they make all the right ‘scene-supporting’ noises in their own backyard, probably because it’s not as easy to rip off people face-to-face as from behind the safety of a computer screen. A pissed-off Euro seems to have copied up a bunch of SS tapes and sold them locally with the aim of recompensing those who have lost out. Whoever you are, thanks for the anonymous gift. In the meantime, if you’re ever in L.A. then, as with Prgnt/Damage, be sure to shoplift prolifically from both stores.

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