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ABORTO SOCIAL  RIP Discography 2004-7  ** 3.00 ** 
 30 tks, studio/demo/live, raw D-beat from South Central L.A.
ASPECTS OF WAR  Total Disfuckers ** 4.00 **
 New Ma/NH 4-tracker, wall-of-noise raw Disclose-style assault
ASPEX  Peaceful Life Is Now Your Nightmare  ** 4.00 **
 7 tks, Malaysian pro-tape in sealed box. Members of Kruel, Helpless and other 
L.A. bands playing Finnish-influenced noisy  punk, a kind of updated Kaaos/Bastards 
sound. 80s-meets-2012
CERVIX  Life Fucker Tour  **  5.00 **
 Final release, only 200 made.Compiles both tapes + 7” + comp tks
D.H.K.  Odio Tu Kumbia Moderna  ** 3.00 **
 Peruvian raw D-beat, 10 tks in 20 minutes, likened to MG15/Ataque Frontal.
 Raw, blown-out and loud as hell. Pro-tape with handprinted 2 colour sleeve
DISABLE  Blitzkrieg Nights  ** 4.00 **
 From Atlanta USA, raw D-beat, total Disclose-style, pro- Malaysian tape 
 as above. Five tracks that conjure up early Disclose demos in their ferocity
GASH  Laugh At The Moon  ** 5.00 **
 From Boston again, 50-only and long gone at source. Japanese-style hc
HOUSEHOLD  Items  ** 4.00 **  
 9 tks. NYC girl trio update the early 80’s UK DIY-style, jagged rhythms +
 bubblegum pop melodies, think Petticoats/Liliput/Young Marble Giants
KRUEL  Noise Not Music  ** 4.00 **
 9 tks, L.A. D-beat raw crust, Disclose-meets-Anti Cimex, Malaysian pro-tape
LOST TRIBE  The Dawn **  2.00 **  (last 1, w/cracked case hence price, still wrapped)
 Members of Aghast, Syndrome and SSR with some excellent
 dark, goth-y punk with an anarcho edge. 200-only repress
MIDNITE BRAIN  4 Trax Demo  ** 3.00 **
 New SF band, fast chaotic hc w/throaty female vox. Modern feedback-soaked
 studs’n’spike sound but reminds me of 80’s Mystic label-era L.A. hc at times 
MIERDA  Hardcore Poble Nou  ** 3.00 **
 Veteran Spanish hc band that go back to the 80’s. 19 tks, pro-tape, fierce/
 timeless no-bullshit hardcore from committed/passionate band
M.O.A.B  Demo  **  3.00 **
 L.A. noise-punk, rehearsal demo from 2010
 Brutal Bay Area d-beat hc w/samples. Downtuned, deep throat and epic.
 Packaging is lavish, akin to an old Xcentric Noise comp with badge/sticker, tape
 and insert in stencilled A5 envelope, all inside a large poly sleeve
PERMACULTURE  Swallow What You’re Given  ** 3.50 **
 4 tks of melodic peace-punk, ‘Penis Envy’-era Crass-style w/female vox, members
 of Confines, Social Circkle & Nuclear Family, excellent
POOR CHOICE  Demo  **  2.00  **
SCUM  Demo 2011  ** 3.00 **
 Raw-as-hell Michigan hc in Japanese/Scandi-vein. Good tape, 100 #’ed copies
SCUM  Nuclear Winter  ** 3.50 **
 2nd demo, 100 numbered copies, 5 tks of Michigan D-beat crust with a Japanese
 noise touch. Standard for the genre but well done 
SENTENCIA  Vida O Muerta  ** 3.00 **
 Spain. Pro-tape, 9 tks and lovely 2-colour foldout cover. More excellent,
 blown-out Spanish punk from same label as Mierda & DHK
S.H.I.T.  2012 Demo  ** 4.00 **
 New Toronto hardcore made up of members of Violent Future/Urban Blight. Fast
 and bleak, 6 tks with a creepy R.Peni undertone. Beautiful monochrome multi-
 panelled sleeve tops this off
STARING PROBLEM  S/T   ** 5.00 **
 Great Chicago-area post-punk w/a uniquely stark, brittle & bass-
 heavy groove overladen w/echo’ed female vocals and Goth/”Death
 Rock” touches. 8 tk pro-tape packaged in beautiful spraypainted box
VESPERA  Demos  ** 3.50 **
 Japan. 1st and 2nd demos combined, catchy raw punk from members of DSB plus
 female vocalist, actually this is way more melodic, in the vein of Masshysteri

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