Something of a discography: A look at important Late '80s UK Hardcore 7"s

Hardcore was at it's most popular in the UK at the end of the '80s. Bands like Napalm Death and The Stupids were household names. However the music was mostly *album orientated* and few 7"s were released by the of the labels pumping those LPs out, Earache, Manic Ears, Peaceville etc. Here are arguably some of the more 'collectable' 7"s of that era (1985-1989).  So in no particular order....

Ripcord - The Damage is Done EP 7" Flexi Raging Records RAGE 1 1986 UK (2400-2500 copies pressed. A lot of copies have a Lynx anti-fur leaflet enclosed. No test pressings and no hard vinyl copies. Band folded each sleeve by hand!)


Ripcord - Harvest Hardcore 7" Raging Records RAGE 2 1988 UK (951 pressed and 4 test pressings. Special sleeve exists for the test pressings. There is a US pressing of this on Soul Force Records with two sleeve variations and an extra track. The green sleeve and the much rarer black sleeve)
From left two right, test pressing sleeve and vinyl. Regular UK issue sleeve and vinyl, US black issue sleeve and vinyl, US green issue sleeve and vinyl. Note the slightly bizarre drawing variations between the US issue and UK issue.


Doom - Police Bastard 7" Discarded Records DISC 001 1989 UK (1st Pressing  original "Police Bastard" Sleeve on the left.  The second sleeve, in the middle,  is the 2nd pressing of 1000 copies 'alternate sleeve' on Discarded Records UK. Due to the controversial nature of the original photocopied 'Policeman' sleeve and the difficulty in getting it printed it was decided to have the second press printed without the Policeman's image. The third sleeve is the more common US pressed Profane Existence issue which I believe is still in print! Not bad for record over 15 years old. Note that the print quality of the US sleeve is poor in comparison to the original)


Heresy - Never Healed EP 7" Flexi Earache Records EAR 01 1985 UK
(Between 2000 and 3000 pressed as per the Ripcord flexi. No test pressings and no hard vinyl copies. There are 10 copies with an alternate black & white sleeve. Interesting point is that this is Earache Records #1)


Heresy - Thanks! 7" Network Of Friends Records Germany 1987 (2 distinct pressings exist. The first is numbered out of 500 and was pressed on red, blue, yellow and green vinyl, 125 of each colour. 6 test pressings also exist with a special green sleeve stating that they are test pressings. The second pressing, which was initially unplanned occurred because the 1st 500 sold so well, came in an issue of 200 copies on black vinyl with a black and white sleeve and was not hand numbered. The label still has __/500 which is slightly misleading. They were not hand numbered. (As far as the music goes this is one of the few Heresy records with half decent production and the one to get.)
From left to right: Special sleeve for the test pressings and test pressing vinyl, colour sleeve and red vinyl, colour sleeve and green vinyl, second pressing with black and white sleeve and black vinyl.


Heresy - Whose Generation 7" In Your Face Records FACE 04 1989 UK (One pressing of about 5000. 20 test pressings exist with a spoof "God Save The Queen" sleeve numbered out of 20 and with the comment "Collectors start shitting".) God Save the Queen sleeve on the left with test pressing vinyl, regular issue on the right with regular vinyl.


Heresy - 'Voice Your Opinion' free 7" Flexi Dogma Records DOG OUT 001 1988 Japan (This is the flexi that came free with the Japanese only Voice Your Opinion LP released by Dogma Records in Japan. This is a nice thick Japanese flexi.)

Deviated Instinct - Welcome to the Orgy 7" Peaceville Records WARP 2 1987 UK (Rarely turns up these days and when it does appear invariably it is on ebay. I have no idea how many were pressed but based on how often it shows up it must be in the region of 500-1000)


Atavistic - Life During Wartime EP 7" Peaceville Records WARP 3 1987 UK (As with the Deviated Instinct EP this turns up very rarely. Again, no idea how many pressed but judging on how often this comes up for sale/trade 500-1000 only)


Sore Throat - s/t 7" Acid Rain Records ARRGHHH 001 1988 UK (a.k.a. "Death To Capitalist Hardcore". 1000 pressed. Only one white label test pressing. Sleeves all hand folded in one cider fuelled afternoon.)


SAS - Suave and Sophisticated? 7"
Self Released SAS4 1985 UK (a.k.a. "10 Track EP", not sure how many pressed but must be between 500 and 1000. Heavily influenced by US and European hardcore bands. One of the first UK records with sub 10 second songs)


Default - Inspiration.... 7"
First Strike Records FST001 1987 UK (First release on the First Strike Label and record shop in Wigan)


Jailcell Recipes - Poulton Road 7" First Strike  Records FST006 1989 UK (500 only? Seems that the band forgot to put their name on the sleeve as the band name is stuck on with a sticker. Also the back of the sleeve appears to be the front. It would seem that the label wasn't getting on to well with their printer around about this time. Great production on this record)


Force Fed - Full up and Loaded 7" Limited Edition Records RARE 003 1989 Germany (500 only, blue vinyl. Look closely at the cover on the top right and you can see where someone has written "front cover" on the back side of the image. This is how it went to the printer!)


Hellbastard - They Brought Death 7" Temple Of Love Records TOL 003 West Germany 1988 (Not totally convinced that this record should be included here as it is unashamedly 'metal'. Still there is a strong connection between Hellbastard and other bands here so it should probably be included. 1000 copies pressed. Clear gold vinyl. Includes lyric insert and also one of Tyman's notorious want lists. In the late '80s Tyman managed to get his wants list into more hands than Rob Noxious - well almost.)


Will Evil Win? v/a 7" Flexi
Peaceville Records WARP 1 1987 UK (As it's a flexi I am guessing this was pressed in the 1000s. Includes Annihilated, Civilised Society?, Lord Crucifer and Desecrators. First Peaceville release.)


Skateboard! Summer Sampler v/a 7" Flexi no label 1988 UK (Free clear vinyl flexi that came with Skateboard! Magazine. Most of these got thrown out as happens with free flexis but there will still be plenty lurking around. Includes Dr. & The Crippens, Napalm Death, Intense Degree, Sore Throat, Sink, Carcass, Jailcell Recipes credited as 'Jailcell'.)

Consolidation EP v/a 7" Pathway Records 1987 UK (Rare comp includes Revulsion, Deviated Instinct and Rhetoric)


Anglican Scrape Attic v/a 7" Flexi 1985 UK (No label but this was released by what later became Earache Records. Includes Hirax, Execute, Lipcream, Concrete Sox, Sacrilege. 3000 pressed.)


Putrid Evil v/a 7" Flexi 1985 UK (No label but again this was released by what was to become Earache Records. 3000 pressed. Includes the Stupids, Civil Dissident, Septic Death)


OK, so the list is nowhere near complete as I've only really included the better known bands. If you have any information that you would like to add or you can provide scans of pressings not listed above then please get in touch. Also, if a record is not listed here because either I don't know about it or I have forgotten about it then let me know. Email.

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